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Open from 7AM – 4PM.   

Guests will be provided with towels, sun loungers and parasols free of charge.

Our Security Guard and Hotel Staff will be making sure you are worry free, relax, enjoy sun bathing, and if you like something to eat or drink, you do not need to get up and out of your lounge, our staff will be right there catering to your every need.




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42 Pham Van Dong St, Vinh Hai Ward, Nha Trang City, Vietnam

Tel: 0907897675- 0934892385 - 2583.835.835

Fax: (+84-58) 3.833.833

Email: sales@fairybayhotel.com

Web: www.fairybayhotel.com

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Hotline: 0907897675- 0934892385 - 2583.835.835

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